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Residential Addiction Treatment Program

For over 40 years, Clearview Recovery Center has remained true to its original purpose – helping people clear a new course for their lives out of the fog of addiction.

Founded in 1979 as Serenity House in Laurel, Mississippi, Clearview is today a premier residential program for the treatment of substance use disorders, as well as other addictive disorders and behaviors. In 2018, Mental Health Corporations of America named Clearview the top center for customer satisfaction among like residential programs across the country.

What accounts for this enthusiasm – and the real success stories – among our residents?

  • A dedicated staff: There’s a true sense of compassion among Clearview’s well-trained staff for each and every individual.
  • An effective, flexible program: Clearview tailors each resident’s treatment program to address not only the addictive disorder but other underlying mental health problems as well.
  • An accessible and serene location: Nestled high above acres of beautiful pine and rolling hills, Clearview is a peaceful haven accessible to people from all across the country.
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Our Admission Process

Each individual who comes to Clearview Recovery Center begins with an initial assessment. This can be done in the office or over the phone. Individuals will speak with our admissions counselor, as well as our financial counselor. The process is easy and we will guide you through it. Once all information has been gathered and processed, an admission date will be given. You can go to the Admission page to submit the Online Admission Form to begin this process today.

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