Family Matters

Family Program

Family involvement isn’t just allowed at Clearview – it’s encouraged.

Both administration and clinical staff understand that family relationships often hold the key to a resident’s complete recovery. Individuals undergoing treatment will inevitably change, so their families need to see these changes through direct involvement at various times during the treatment period. An uninformed – and uninvolved – family can have an adverse effect on the individuals’ ultimate recovery after leaving Clearview.

Family Lecture

The first Saturday of every month is family lecture. Beginning at 9 a.m., families are encouraged to participate in an educational lecture that encompasses how addiction impacts relationships as well as what to expect while your loved one is in recovery. Family lecture is one of a number of venues Clearview offers to both individual’s and their families to make the most of the treatment program and recovery.

Multifamily Group Therapy

Multifamily group therapy is provided to further help families with the disease of addiction. This group meets weekly on Tuesdays from 6-7:30 p.m. to help families improve their functioning and better understand the impact of the chemically dependent individual’s behavior on the family unit. Participation in multifamily group therapy helps prepare families for what to expect during and after residential treatment. Family members are encouraged to attend weekly in order to make gains in this experience. Interested family members should notify their loved one in treatment or his or her assigned clinician for more information.

Individual Family Counseling

Individual family therapy sessions are provided for those families wishing to rebuild relationships outside of multifamily group therapy. Individual family therapy sessions allow an opportunity for family members to express and work through their struggles in a one-on-one setting. Family therapy sessions are held during the family members normally scheduled individual therapy session time. Interested family members are encouraged to notify their loved one or his or her individual clinician to make an appointment.


Please be aware that our program and visitor policies may be affected by the ongoing pandemic. Please bear with us as we adjust our policies for the safety of all our residents and visitors. Click HERE for more information!